N.01 Race Car Concept

A'Design Award Winner

N.01 Concept was designed as a vision for the future of the race cars, that can be autonomous or remote piloted.


Its iconic form is somehow aggressive and minimalistic at once. The fact that this vehicle lacks a pilot provided the freedom to play with shapes and the automotive architecture, so the innovation was the main point.


Marked by an extremely low profile, its in-wheel electric motors enhance this slim aesthetic.


Following the principle 'form follows function' on its design, every line and every volume has a purpose, endind up, this way with a clean iconic concept.


The design of the N01 was developed around three key words: essential, iconic and dynamic.


Our main concept, behind the design development, was what we called the 'bed sheet covering', in which, we imagined objects covered by a sheet. This way we have shapes that are totally rational and functional. The sheet takes the shape of what is underneath, showing what is essencial leading to a clean design.

So way we ended up with a design, in which every line and every volume has a reason.

Also, N01's extreme lines are inspired by the aircraft SR 71, that blends perfectly sculptural shapes, high speed and technology.

73153-logo-medium (1).png
n 01 road.jpg

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